Welcome to GreyhoundSyndications.com - the home of proven results for over a decade.

Total Record : 5085 starts = 758 wins, 744 seconds, 792 thirds.
15% win ratio, 46% place ratio
We are immensely proud of our performances.
Our owners have adopted the “Greysynd” name to a lot of our dogs, as they are proud of the history and performances that the collective syndicate community have delivered, and also the comradery they have gained through fellow owners.
Some of our best include: - Hot Puzzle, Elite Strike, Greysynd Jet, King Puzzle, Cool And Easy, Keep Cool, Keep Calm, Greysynd Thunder, Greysynd Rain, Dee Riddler, Greysynd Emma, Cumberland Black, and many many more..
Our successes on the track have transposed to the breeding ranks now, with Keep Cool planting herself inside the GA Top producers in Australasian brood bitch lists for 2016.
While not every pup, litter, we have joined people in can be winners, we are spreading the sport to people who would not otherwise have been involved. The first to instigate $0 upfront syndicate entry,and payment plans for blue blood puppies to enable all walks of life to share the love of greyhound ownership. The first to offer breeding syndicate shares to members - so our owners can follow the entire process from whelping box to starting box.
At the end of our greyhound's career - we then share in the excitement of breeding - which these days could just land us a brood female or stud dog!
We race all of our greyhounds (we don't hide the slow ones to bolster the statistics), not every pup can be a champion. But every owner should get a chance to see that greyhound race.
And every greyhound deserves a couch at the end of it's racing career - something we are also very passionate about.
Private Syndicates now filling:
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